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Areas of Specialty

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Areas of Specialty

Endocrine Conditions
Dr Creech specializes in a wide variety of endocrine conditions. This section shows a complete list.
Diabetes Education Program
Our diabetes education program is AADE accredited. The program covers the AADE 7 self-care behaviors, healthy eating, living active, monitoring, taking medication, problem solving, healthy coping and reducing risks.
Fitness Programs
A private fitness studio is available. Instruction is provided by Nelian Creech, an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer with a certification in Senior Fitness.
Insulin Pump Therapy
The advantage of pump therapy is less blood glucose variability, reduction in duration, frequency, and severity of hypoglycemia. Better psychosocial outcomes and better overall quality of life.

All pump training is done at our center. Dr. Creech prescribes standard and patch pumps. He has been a pumper himself for many years including providing valuable information in the design of an insulin pump.
Nutrition Programs
A tour of a local grocery store is provided during our diabetes education program. We strive to teach people to make healthy food choices and better ways of preparing their meals.
Prevention Programs
Pre-diabetes class is taught on a regular basis. This class provides information on risk factors for developing diabetes, and explaining insulin resistance. Emphasis is placed on healthy eating and exercise. This class is free.